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"I wanted to see Detroit win. I've been there. It's like God took a shit on a parking lot. They deserve some good news."


The Day of Reckoning

During a time of new beginnings and a thirst for power, I a lonely warrior, fought to win the girl of my dreams. By the way, I was eleven. I would hopefully, without fail, someday, possibly have an encounter with the opposite sex, that would last over five minutes. That fateful day would come sooner than I had thought (four years to be precise). When I was in the YMCA Summer Camp for the summer between sixth and seventh grade, I was anxious and at the same time, had a sense of bravery. To be honest, I had no clue where the strong feeling of sudden courage erupted. However, on my first day, I had found out the prettiest, most amazing, most elegant, loveliest, beautiful, and smartest -to save four full pages of adjectives describing her, I will leave the depiction at that- girl in the world registered for the camp, as well.
        Anyways, my obvious jocular and congenial attitude leads her to become friends with me. However, I, a na├»ve child, believe in what I saw; in essence, my spare time consisted of various Hollywood movies. According to a movie I had watched recently at the time, “Just Friends”, my young mind remember and attempted to implement its message “Once you’re in the friend zone, you can’t get out.”
            Because of inept and inexperienced nature with females, my fateful day would soon tumble into turmoil.

            Since it was a sunny day outside-no surprise because it was July- the camp counselors decided to take the campers to the great land of magic, mystery and the unknown. Most people call it “Mercer County Community Park”. We, the beautiful heroine and I, sat on a park bench, next to the lake. As we looked into the lake, we talked about each other’s lives and other useless talk. That’s when I noticed something about her.

            Well, I noticed many different aspects about her whenever she was around me. First lf all, her smile- which I should say, was the fairest of them all- always glistened when she talked to me. Also, she always laughed at all my jokes. Seriously, I experimented by doing on of my really bad “knock knock” jokes, and she still giggled at it. In my perspective, I really thought it could happen, and that a “relationship” would erupt between us. Boy, I sure had no idea what a turn of events would occur, in short time.

            Suddenly, my peripherals glanced an immense, hideous look beast that was coming nearer, as its dreadful and repulsive wings fluttered up and down. This monstrous creature was an unsightly organism, and most good men known this creature as the “Butterfly”. Of course, after seeing such a bloodcurdling image, my thoughts raced and I was suddenly caught babbling my words out. Consequently, my lady asked “Are you alright? You don’t seem to be talking straight Shreyas.”
            I blurted out “elfbWlI essa bbrtelyf cimongruo yws” which actually translates to I’m scared of butterflies.
            “I don’t think I got-” but her sentence was cut off as I jumped off the bench and ran at the speed of light to the nearest indoor “facility”.
            Once I was sure the cursed monster was gone, I peered out the door and saw nothing except my glimmering girl and the shimmering lake behind her. However, her facial expression looked as if she was trying to make sense of what had just happened. When I came up to her, she suddenly got up, laughed AT me and walked (actually ran in a frightened manner as if I was crazy) away. That, ladies and gentlemen, was my experience in which I learned an important life lesson. I believe life is always looking for chances to mess you up at the most vital moments and that is when one should try to not breakdown or run away, mentally or, in this case, physically, either. This is what I believe.