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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inaccuracy and Elitism

   Is anyone besides me really annoyed that "The Only Exception" and "Forget You" did not get ANY awards? Actually, I think the better question is, as told to me by many other peers of mine, is there any straight human who watched the Grammys besides me. Apparently, if one watches the Grammys, that is a homosexual activity to do. How true that is. For people out there who have been carping on those stolid people who do not go outside and play World of Warcraft, I can not blame. After watching Zombieland, I realized this was one of the most accurate representations of the American future. The only thing I would tweak is change the zombies to corrupt government officials and politicians. During my AP Government class, we were asked a question:
      "Would you want the first 2000 people taken randomly out of a phone book to lead our nation or 2000 of the Harvard University faculty?"

   In my opinion, I would most likely choose the phone book option for one specific reason. With this option, there would be no chance of elitism. Not to be a raconteur, but I have to tell this anecdote-that relates to the subject of elitism- before I elaborate further on my defense of my opinion. 
   Today, I met my guidance counselor for some general college advice. Let me tell you right now that my regard on life and my general philosophy is realist. I am a realist. However, my college options were not. To make this clearer, I thought I had a chance at Cal. Tech and MIT (yes tier "0" colleges). Once I spoke about that, my guidance counselor opened my mind to the realization that there are way more intellectual and smarter students than me. Of course, the fact hit me like I was just shot from a cannon and there was no net under me, but the truth hurts. Anyways, she said that I had a very "elitist" theory about colleges. When she clarified her comment, she meant that I was very "everything is perfect and I will easily get into any college I want without any problems". However true that may have been, that does not take away from the fact that elitism is a very basic principle of looking at the world.
    Now, going back on my question, I answered the 2000 people because most Harvard- with exception of a few- students and teachers come from a high class, elite family that are not accustomed to any troubles in life. You also have to remember I am just a teenager, so my depictions may be a little inaccurate. I just repute that most Harvard "people" hardly experience failure, and leadership comes only with experience of both victory and loss. At least, with 2000 people randomly chosen in a phone book, there is a higher chance that people who are either at the poverty level or unemployed can be helped rather than the upper class attaining more benefits than they already have, politically and financially. 
    In concern about news, I read an unfortunate but rather hilarious article on New York Times. The link to it is on the right bar under "Links to Check Out". The article is called "The Parent Trapped", which is an ironic title based off of the popular movie "The Parent Trap. Basically, there were two "mouthy" teenagers with their mother, and she got really agitated which led to, to put it in simple terms, murdering her children. Hey, I would do the same thing. (For all people who do not understand the concept of sarcasm or do not see examples of them such as the previous sentence and the next few, this is a heads up) Obiviously, if my children were "cussing in front of the lord", I would skip the part about soaping their mouths and shove the soap down their mouths, instead. What really made me love the article was when an extremely accurate piece of information was read. "Even as corporal punishment is declining in social acceptability, about 7 in 10 Americans agreed, in a 2004 survey, that children sometimes need “a good, hard spanking.” This came despite mountains of studies establishing that such tactics do children much more harm than good, increasing the risk of anxiety, depression and addiction. Moreover, it’s easy for spanking, slapping and swatting to escalate — sometimes even to the point of deadly violence." 
     I am sorry, but if you can not handle some good old discipline from your parents from time to time for being out of line, then you're just a straight up "female dog". Don't give me that BS of "anxiety, depression and addiction". It builds character, not destroys, unless, excuse me for being harsh, you're a wimp. 
     To finish off the post, I have some extremely great news. "Knit graffiti" has become quite popular over the few weeks in Japan. Ever since the knitters have talked about their "accomplishments" on the popular social networking site and successor of Facebook, cleverly now known as the "social knitwork", knitting random objects and putting them up in places like trains, railings, schools, etc. in Japan. One anonymous person said that the cleaning crew came later and threw away all his knitted artwork. What an abomination! How dare they?! These people are trying to make the world a better place and you selfish, corrupt government officials think you can simply throw all that away? Well, I guess you can, but take a look at the link -in the "Links to check out" section- and you can see all the "funny" and "happy" pictures posted. 

Thank you for reading. This has been your daily dose of a hint of congeniality. 

RANDOM MOMENT: I started P90X for the first time. Before I started it, I thought it meant power. Well, after doing it for the first time, I KNOW it means power. Trust me, if that was on a test, I would get that answer right

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  1. this is way better than your last two... wtf does P90X have to do with elitism